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From the World to Your Table – Top Quality Meats, Seafood, and Poultry from Premier Food Choice

Our expertise in food distribution dates back to 1980 when our first shop opened selling wholesale seafood products to major food institutions in the Philippines. Over the years, Premier Food Choice International Corp (PFC) has become the leading provider of frozen food products to the biggest names in the food service (hotels, restaurants, and caterers), modern trade (supermarkets and groceries), food processing, and food manufacturing industries in the country. And now, PFC opens up to serve the Filipino home market — bringing a curated range of meats, seafood, and poultry products directly imported from over 25 countries straight to your table.

Top Quality Meats, Seafood, and Poultry Products through Excellent Global Sourcing

Premier Food Choice believes the best way to serve the ever-changing needs of our clientele is to continuously provide the best-value food products. Over the years, we've established a reputable international supply and client network in a scale that’s commendable yet sustainable. 

Trusted by Top Hotels, Restaurants and Food Institutions Nationwide

Premier Food Choice stands by fair business practices and market adaptability — we move with trends and demands of the current market while always staying true to the values we built our team with. We pride ourselves in working with the best and most-respected institutions in the food industry today.

Efficient Deliveries with Food Safety at Heart

Premier Food Choice guarantees quick and efficient contactless deliveries. With years of experience in the food industry, food safety and proper handling is our top priority.

Fishers of Seafood

PFC understands the importance of health and wellness of our clients as we commit to offer only the freshest varieties of both deep sea and cultured fishes to our valued clients. Among our seafood product list are Fresh Frozen Norwegian Salmon, Chilean Sea Bass, Pangasius Cream Dory Fillet, Giant Squid Fillets, Squid Rings and Tubes, Vannamei White Shrimps (HOSO, HLSO, PUD, PND) straight from our Philippine waters, and white shrimps from Vietnam – all of which are handled with meticulous care and supervision to ensure quality and freshness in every plate we serve.

Purveyors of Premium Table Meat Cuts

PFC knows that our most valued customers seek only the finest table meat cuts. Among our meat product list are certified USDA Beef Ribeyes, Top Blades, Chuck Eye Rolls, Tenderloins, Hanging Tenders, Short Ribs, Shortplates, etc. Other beef products include Beef Forequarters, Knuckles, Shanks, Cube Rolls, Tripes, Tongues. Premium Pork cuts include Pork Belly BISO, Pork Belly BLSL, Pork Neck Collars, Pork Picnic Shoulders and Ham Legs, Pork Baby Back Ribs and Meaty Riblets, Pork Hocks and Lacones. Chicken cut-ups include Chicken Leg Quarters, Boneless Leg Meats, Breast Fillets and Wings. Our sourcing strength ranges from North American products of USA and Canada, to South American meats from Brazil and Argentina. We likewise carry different European products from France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, UK, Ireland, among others.

Curators of Ready to Heat Items

PFC recognizes the demand among Filipino homes for easy to store and ready to heat products. We've selected choice items from our trusted partners and your favorite restaurants to bring delicious, familiar taste to the comforts of your home.

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