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Steak Doneness – A Guide to Getting Steak Done Just How You Like It

It's no question that great steak is popular among many foodies for celebrations, dates, and even just a good family dinner. here's a lot of debate that's gone on for years regarding the correct way to have steak done. When asked about how they like to have their meat, it’s common for a couple of people to turn their heads and a little friendly debate to spark. Some say they like it medium well for just a little juiciness, a handful prefer medium rare as recommended by most chefs, while others like to see a full brown color and get it well done. But the big question is – is there really a correct way to have your steak done?

At Premier Food Choice, we take pride in being foodies. We’ve searched the world for the best quality steaks, we’re continuously trusted by the top restaurants and hotels in the Philippines, and when it comes to food, we always strive to get it right.

Our answer?

There’s really no correct way to have your steak done! At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference. Once you’ve got top quality meat, what ultimately makes a great steak dinner is you actually enjoying what you’re having. Whether it’s rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done, don’t let others give you the look of shame and tell them we said you have the right to get it done just how you like it.

But just how exactly can you get your meat cooked to your liking? Check out this quick guide we've whipped up to to help you understand how to achieve the doneness you prefer.


Temperature will continue to rise even after you remove your meat from the heat which means your steak will continue cooking for a while more. That being said, remove the steak once it registers 5°F lower than your desired doneness – that way, you’ll get your steak to a perfect finish away from the heat.

Cooking times and temperatures may vary depending on the size, thickness, and cut of the steak as well as the method of preparation you’ve chosen. Use the above guide accordingly, but make sure to do a little check yourself, too!


Now from reading this, we’re sure you’re already craving for a good steak dinner (we are, too!). At Premier Food Choice, we offer premier quality table meat cuts that you, your family, and your friends can share a good meal and conversation over. Head over to our website to shop our catalogue and have your meats delivered right to your doorstep!

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