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Steak Seasoning 101: A Quick Guide By Premier Food Choice

Just how life is nothing without food, a delicious steak is nothing without its seasoning. A small amount of the right ingredients can make the biggest difference in flavor and experience. And when it comes to flavoring your steaks, the options are limitless!

From the traditional salt-and-pepper concoction to more adventurous seasonings like smoked spices, we’re sharing some of our favorite ways of sprucing up our steaks. These quick and easy tips will definitely up your steak game, we guarantee it!

Salt & Pepper

The golden rule of steak seasoning – kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. This classic combination is the oldest trick in the book and rightfully so. Whether you choose to keep it this simple or feel like packing on more flavor, never skip this step! This is crucial in bringing out the naturally delicious flavor of your Premier Food Choice steak.

Herbs & Butter

Chopped herbs like thyme, rosemary and sage are great additions to your salt and pepper base. Mix your herbs in melted butter and pour them over your steak halfway through cooking. That way, the steak’s natural juices are flowing and taking in the additional zest. The result is a balanced blend of buttery flavor and minty freshness.


This one is an instant game-changer! Get a clove of garlic, cut it in half, rub the open side all over your steak before cooking, and voila! A slab of perfection oozing with flavor. Pro tip: Cook your steak from Premier Food Choice in butter, a tasty complement to that garlic flavor.


For those of you feeling extra daring, take it up a notch and create your own blend of dried spices. Start by mixing your chosen ingredients. We recommend paprika for that smoked taste, cumin for an earthy flavor, chili powder for some spiciness and brown sugar for some sweetness. Rub the mixture all over your steak before cooking, depending on how subtle or how strong you want the flavor.


Ready to try out these quick and easy seasoning tips? Check out our wide selection of steaks here and give these recipes a go!

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