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The Battle of the Beef: Angus vs. Wagyu: A Quick Guide By Premier Food Choice

When it comes to the topic of the best beef in the world, Angus and Wagyu automatically come to mind as top contenders and are often debated on as being superior to the other. Although they are both known for their premium quality and high level of marbling, they are actually more different than you think. For one, Angus and Wagyu come from different beef cattles, making them genetically unique in terms of meat-to-fat content and consequently, flavor.

So which is the better beef? Buckle up, we’re here to give you the lowdown! In this article, we’re rounding up all you need to know about Angus and Wagyu and finally settling the score on the battle of the beef.


While Angus beef is commonly associated with the USA and its USDA Prime steaks, it actually originates from the Scottish breed of cattle – the Aberdeen Angus – specially bred to be sturdy, muscular and well-balanced in meat and fat. The cattle’s special diet of grass, corn and wheat is a big reason for the beef’s fine and even marbling, tender meat and quality flavor.

It is now widely bred in many parts of the world, predominantly in the USA and Australia, and has since gained popularity for its high-quality, expensive beef used in burgers and steaks.


Wagyu beef, on the other hand, has its origins from a Japanese breed of cattle. Similar to Angus, it is also subjected to high-maintenance feeding and breeding conditions. However, what makes it unique is the longer amount of time and feeding needed to fully mature.

Compared to the average 250-day breeding for Angus and other cattle breeds, Wagyu beef is fed for at least 450 days, resulting in its complex marbling and unparalleled juiciness. For that reason, it is arguably hailed as the gold standard of steak and the most expensive in the world.

The superior choice

All that being said, the choice between the Angus beef and Wagyu beef is not so much a question of superior quality as both are bred to reach its full potential of tenderness and flavor. Rather, it may be more a preference for taste and texture.

If you’re looking for that melt-in-your-mouth steak experience, Wagyu beef will definitely satisfy the craving. For days you want to cut down on the fat content without sacrificing the tender and juicy flavor, Angus beef will do the trick. Either way, you’re guaranteed a special steak night.


Now that you have a better understanding of your steak options, it’s time to put the taste to the test!

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